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About Us

Eskimo Recordings was created in 2000 and was named after the “Eskimo parties”, that had started in 1998 in Ghent, Belgium.

The Eskimo factory -yes, the one from the underwear- was the venue for these eclectic parties, which was a new thing back then. These underground parties got famous for mixing synth-pop, new wave, acid house, funk and rock ‘n’ roll into a new and fresh and eclectic sound. Behind the decks you could find The Flying/Fucking Dewaele Brothers (they went on to become 2manydjs), TLP and Mo & Benoelie (The Glimmer Twins).

People wanted to be able to listen to the soundtrack of these parties at home -this was before Soundcloud and Mixcloud- and so, the label was born. First releases on Eskimo were mix cd’s that reflected the eclectic sound of those early days parties. In 2002, Eskimo started signing and releasing original music as well. First artist album was ‘Mangled’ by Ray Mang, latest one was ‘Solar Nights’ by Satin Jackets.

Nowadays ‘indie dance’ or 'indietronica' in all its forms and colours might be the most accurate description when looking for just one term to label the music Eskimo puts out, it reflects the eclectic nature of the label. ‘Timeless’ and ‘quality’ have always been key words. Someone once stated the music Eskimo brings forth into the world “all maintains a certain feeling without being beholden to any rigid formula”.

Eskimo has always approached the divide between electronic and indie music with a reckless abandon that suggests that there is no divide at all. This is why Eskimo holds a unique stake within the indie dance world, whether you’re listening to a collection of great music by new and talented artists, a compilation curated by a musical authority, full of hard to find music, a 12” club release or a radio friendly nu-disco song that pleases lots of listeners on streaming platforms.

​Every release needs a different approach. One of the keys to a long-term success is to keep surprising people. 

Some milestones of the Eskimo Recordings journey: obviously the debut albums of Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, Aeroplane and Satin Jackets.

The Colour Collection series, as it’s a showcase and mix of upcoming, talented and more established acts Eskimo believes in and wants to support. The list of ‘Collection’ artists includes names like Moscoman, Freeform Five & Roisin Murphy, Eelke Kleijn, Anoraak, Marvin & Guy, James Curd, Turbotito, ARY, Zombies In Miami and many more. Cosmic Balearic Beats! All music by our resident artists, every single release of them.

Last but not least: the early days mixes from The Glimmers, Recloose, Ivan Smagghe, Antal, Dj Naughty, Headman, Optimo, Rub N Tug, Chromeo, Radio Slave. They really put Eskimo on the map. Finally, the more recent much-lauded compilations by Prins Thomas (Paradise Goulash), Psychemagik (Ritual Chants), Bill Brewster (Tribal Rites) and Curses (Next Wave Acid Punx). Essential stuff.

Eskimo Recordings is one of the many labels that operates under the flag of the independent record company N.E.W.S. records, based in Ghent, Belgium. We work with labels like Token, Olsen, sdban, Lost&Found, International Feel, Unday and many more, so we operate in techno, jazz, funk, house, singer/songwriter, new beat, progressive etc. etc. This melting pot of different genres under one roof makes it easier to spot what tomorrow’s music scene will or might sound like, and anticipate to that. Of course, music isn’t an exact science, but that’s exactly what keeps things interesting, right?