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Aili announces hotly anticipated debut album Nandakke?, shares full album details

A kaleidoscopic sonic riot, Nandakke? is the hotly anticipated debut album from Japanese-Belgian duo Aili. Featuring 10 tracks of surreal electro-pop, joyful electronica, house music and more, Nandakke? is a euphoric album that sees Aili Maruyama and Orson Wouters more than fulfil the promise of their acclaimed debut EP. Posted on 26 Jan 2024
11 bonus tracks that all deserve their own moment in the strobe light.

Can I get an encore? Curses announces 'Secret Cuts' as bonus to Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX!

One of the compilations of 2023 Curses' Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX saw the Berlin-based Musician and DJ explore the darker side of club music. Bringing together 49 tracks that joined the dots between early industrial pioneers, EBM legends and post-punk bands with some of the most exciting artists around today this was a celebration of the kind of raw electronic music best performed live in smoke... Read more Posted on 26 Jan 2024

Japanese-Belgian duo Aili drop yummy new single ‘Takoyaki’

Ahead of the release of their much-anticipated debut album, Nandakke?, Belgian-Japanese duo Aili serve up a brand new single, Takoyaki. Named after the Japanese street food, Takoyaki continues Aili Maruyama & Orson Wouters' hot streak of irresistible songs, marrying new wave funk rhythms and sparkling electro-pop to Maruyama's distinctive vocals and surreal storytelling. Posted on 17 Jan 2024

Japanese-Belgian duo Aili announce debut album, drop new single ‘Babychan’

Belgian-Japanese duo Aili return this November with the irresistible electro-pop of Babychan, the second single taken from their forthcoming debut album. Where previous releases have seen the band sing about fashion, dancing, money and pillow fights, Babychan sees Aili Maruyama & Orson Wouters finally tackle one of pop's biggest subjects, love. As we've come to expect from them though, ... Read more Posted on 21 Nov 2023
"A return to the dark romantic of the past, present and future."

Curses presents... Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX!

Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX is the second compilation for Eskimo Recordings compiled and curated by Berlin-based Musician and DJ Luca Venezia, aka Curses, to explore the darker side of club music. Posted on 20 Oct 2023