Aili announces hotly anticipated debut album Nandakke?, shares full album details

A kaleidoscopic sonic riot, Nandakke? is the hotly anticipated debut album from Japanese-Belgian duo Aili. Featuring 10 tracks of surreal electro-pop, joyful electronica, house music and more,... Read more Posted on 26 Jan 2024
11 bonus tracks that all deserve their own moment in the strobe light.

Can I get an encore? Curses announces 'Secret Cuts' as bonus to Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX!

One of the compilations of 2023 Curses' Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX saw the Berlin-based Musician and DJ explore the darker side of club music. Bringing together 49 tracks that joined the dots between... Read more Posted on 26 Jan 2024

Japanese-Belgian duo Aili drop yummy new single ‘Takoyaki’

Ahead of the release of their much-anticipated debut album, Nandakke?, Belgian-Japanese duo Aili serve up a brand new single, Takoyaki. Named after the Japanese street food, Takoyaki continues Aili... Read more Posted on 17 Jan 2024