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Belgian born, Berlin based Biesmans delivers club ready remix of 'Genki'

Posted on 05 Nov 2021

One of the most vibrant and interesting records released in 2021, Belgian-Japanese artist Aili’s debut EP Dansu, recorded with fellow Belgian Transistorcake, caught the world’s attention with its bricolage of Kosmiche Musik, Acid House, Electronica, Disco & Leftfield Pop. Now with clubs across the world finally re-opening Eskimo Recordings have tapped up Belgian born, Berlin based DJ Biesmans to deliver a club ready remix of Genki.

Fresh from releasing his own, acclaimed, debut LP on the iconic Berlin club Watergate’s own label, Biesmans reworks Genki's motorik rhythms, chopping up the bass line to produce a taut, angular intro that explodes into action as Aili’s “gairaigo” vocals loop over a soaring wave of rich synths and pummelling beats.

“When listening to the original, I knew immediately that I wanted to work with that vocal,” explains the Belgian ex-pat. “The sound and the catchiness of it all just drew me in!” The result is a hypnotic banger, that instantly transports you to the hallowed Berlin club’s dancefloor, its iconic LED lights dance in mesmerising patterns overhead.

With more to come soon from the young Belgian-Japanese artist, this new remix perfectly complements the original’s neon lit pop, perfect for dancing the night away, whether in Berlin or not, before heading home to revisit Aili’s startling debut.