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Fall in love with 'Colours' by NTEIBINT!

Posted on 04 Dec 2020
Le French touch, quoi?!

Following on from a series of vocal collaborations Athenian DJ/producer George Bakalakos, AKA NTEIBINT, returns to Eskimo with 'Colours', an instrumental track that effortlessly combines elements of house, disco and electronica to create a sun kissed leftfield gem.

“When I’m in the studio I always record lots of different short ideas and phrases, most of which end up unfinished and put to one side,” explains Bakalakos. “Over the summer I decided that rather than lose them forever in the depths of my hard drive I’d go through them, almost like I was crate digging, and sample my own music. So ‘Colours’, named after the different folders I store demos in, is really this clash of styles and references from over the years blended together.”

As an act of sonic bricolage 'Colours' comes together seamlessly. Short stabs of euphoric vocals, vintage 808 percussion, filtered disco melodies and a classic French Touch bass line all combine to produce a track that comfortably sits in the sweet spot between artists like Alan Braxe and Caribou, and offers a last gasp of summer even as the nights begin to draw in.