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'First Thing', stunning new single by Satin Jackets & Tailor!

Posted on 11 Aug 2022
Third time's a charm!

After the success of their first two collaborations it was inevitable that German nu-disco star Tim Bernhardt, AKA Satin Jackets, would reunite with up & coming UK vocalist Tailor and that burgeoning partnership has once again produced dividends in the shape of their stunning new single 'First Thing'.

A bittersweet disco pop gem, 'First Thing' once again shows why Tailor is so in demand right now, as both a singer and songwriter. Delivering another heartbreaking appraisal of our own frailties and faults, Tailor delivers his lines with a searing honesty and raw intensity that captivates the listener.

Meanwhile Bernhardt cements his position as one of the best disco producers around, not just able to lay down the kind of crisp beats and bass lines that will have you moving on the dancefloor, but also craft the kind of luxurious, sympathetic melodies and instrumentation that makes his music.