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Horixon feat. Else Born - Every Turn

Posted on 11 Jan 2019

In what is increasingly looking a biennial tradition London producers Horixon (Monarchy’s Andrew Armstrong and Joseph Ashworth) and Norwegian singer Else Born (aka Philco Fiction’s Turid Alida Solberg) have teamed up on new single 'Every Turn', delivering another leftfield pop classic.
It's fair to say that both acts have found their perfect partners here, Horixon's clean, unfussy yet emotionally resonant production providing the perfect accompaniment to Turid's heartfelt vocals. Giving the song's lyrics room to breathe the track revolves around a radiant looping organ driving what Turid describes as "a post-relationship chant. A repetitive tune dealing with deep regrets about love."
Accompanying the original version is a stunning rework from London based producer Martin Dubka. Re-pitching the vocals, Dubka flips the script on the track transforming Turid's striking Scandinavian vocals into something close to a male voice on a classic 90s NY house track whilst the music itself sounds like the kind of undiscovered John 'Jellybean' Benitez mix record diggers spend their lives hoping to find.

"Every burn, Every lie
Every kiss, Every turn
I'll forget..."