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All Day I Dream producer Lost Desert remixes 'Don't Worry'

Posted on 28 Oct 2022

The bittersweet coda to Satin Jackets' new album Reunion, 'Don't Worry' was originally written as a tribute to Daft Punk, and the records that soundtracked so many of producer Tim Bernhardt's favorite clubbing memories.

Now, fresh from a brace of acclaimed releases on All Day I Dream and Hoomidas, Belgian producer Lost Desert steps up with a new remix that keeps the original vibe intact but subtly retools the track for daytime parties.

"I fell in love with the original when it got released, just wanted to give it that Lost Desert touch," explains Lost Desert's Patrick Bruyndonx. "I wanted to keep as much as possible, especially the beautiful synth riff, but just push the drums more to the fore and create a little more space for people to lose themselves in on the dance floor."