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'Love Is Everywhere', sun-kissed disco by NTEIBINT & Matina Sous Peau

Posted on 21 Aug 2020

Veteran Eskimo DJ/producer George Bakalakos AKA NTEIBINT returns to the label this summer with the seductively sun-kissed soul of ‘Love Is Everywhere’ featuring the lovelorn vocals of fellow Athenian Matina Sous Peau.

"‘Love Is Everywhere’ is about that feeling when you're just falling in love with someone,” reveals Matina. “Whether you’re sharing a late night road trip, just wandering the city with them or just staring out the window and the feeling is just all encompassing.”

Complementing that mood NTEIBINT has conjured up the kind of hazy, uplifting jam whose distinctive Rhodes keys and metronomic percussion instantly applies your favourite vintage Instagram filter over reality.

"It's got those smooth, late 70s sounds there, all those warm, nostalgic tones from the Rhodes,” explains George. "But then it’s given a twist with some classic house synth sounds in there to raise the track up and match Matina’s energy."

The release of ‘Love Is Everywhere’ is backed by a fresh set of uplifting remixes courtesy of nu-disco superstar Satin Jackets, up & coming Nordic producer Cavego and the hugely in-demand LA based Turbotito.  

Over the course of 2 albums Tim Bernhardt, aka Satin Jackets, has firmly established himself as one of the biggest names of the nu-disco scene today. Where the original of ‘Love Is Everywhere’ bathed in the luxurious warm sounds of the seventies, Tim’s remix takes the track in more of a synth-led direction with Matina’s vocals left to shine amongst a shimmering bed of sparkling notes, lush pads and smooth disco beats.

Norwegian producer Cavego is a more recent signing to Eskimo but over the course of 2 EPs of widescreen cosmic disco he’s already been touted as one to watch by the likes of DJ Mag. For his remix Cavego’s takes us back to the 80s and finds the sweet spot between the electro-soul of artists like Joyce Sims or Strafe and the kind of big synth-pop moments that characterised that decade’s best films and will have you digging out your fingerless fishnet gloves.

LA based producer Turbotito's been called upon to add his magic touch to releases by the likes of Azealia Banks, Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA and Bondo Do Role and his remix of ‘Love Is Everywhere’ shows just why. Whilst Cavego’s remix pushed the track into a more upbeat direction Turbotito retains the same 80s vibe but cleaves closer to the original’s laid back style and sounds like some newly discovered Balearic edit of a Sade song, the perfect soundtrack to watching the sun slowly melt into the sea at the end of the day.

NTEIBINT feat. Matina Sous Peau - Love Is Everywhere

  1. NTEIBINT feat. Matina Sous Peau - Love Is Everywhere
  2. NTEIBINT feat. Matina Sous Peau - Love Is Everywhere (Satin Jackets Remix)
  3. NTEIBINT feat. Matina Sous Peau - Love Is Everywhere (Cavego Remix)
  4. NTEIBINT feat. Matina Sous Peau - Love Is Everywhere (Turbotito Remix)