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Mathias Schober re-arranges Astra by Antenna & Tasma

Posted on 19 Jul 2019

Originally released on Antenna's debut EP for Eskimo Recordings, 'Astra', the Russian producer's collaboration with Tasma gets re-released this summer complete with a brand new edit courtesy of Berlin based producer and Lossless label boss Mathias Schober. 

Applying a surgeon's touch Schober's 'SB Re-arrange' adds a note of precision German engineering to Astra's euphoric Trance-Disco. Subtly cutting and editing the track, Schober tightens up the drums and toughens up the synths, all without losing any of the original's heady, transcendental vibe. 

With nods to both 00s Nordic Disco and 90s Frankfurt Trance, 'Astra' in both its forms is the kind of blissful electronic music that dancing through the night was made for, whether you're in a dark sweaty clubs on under a starry Mediterranean sky.