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New Satin Jackets album Solar Nights!

Posted on 25 Apr 2019

‘Solar Nights’ is the long awaited second album from German nu-disco star Tim Bernhardt, aka Satin Jackets. Released on Eskimo Recordings this April, ‘Solar Nights’ follows on from Bernhardt’s critically acclaimed, and Gold certified, debut LP ‘Panorama Pacifico’ and features 14 tracks of smooth disco and leftfield pop sounds with guest appearances from the likes of Future Classic’s Panama, David Harks, Niya Wells, Emma Brammer and Anduze.

The global success of ‘Panorama Pacifico’ has seen Bernhardt coaxed out from his remote studio in one of Germany’s ancient forests to play to fans across the world, from South Korea to Mexico and beyond, experiences that inspired both the album itself and its title, ‘Solar Nights’.

“In recent years the world’s become smaller, a more inter-connected place. It can be dark and cold here, with snow all around, and the next day I can be playing to people on a beach. Somewhere on the planet it's always daytime or summer, but beyond that day and night just blend into each other these days,” Tim explains. “We have daytime discos so you can go and party while the sun is still high in the sky, and you can go and hit the gym at night. Be it day or night, Satin Jackets is your soundtrack.”

And what a soundtrack it is, from the first chords of opening ‘Welcome Back’ it’s clear we’re in safe hands here, the warm pads, delicate guitars and pianos providing the perfect introduction to the album. Whether it’s the slow burning seductive pop of tracks like ‘Just Like You’, piano led house tracks like ‘String It Again’, the Balearic haze of ‘All For You’ or bonafide hits like the Nordic inspired ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘Mirage’ that between them have already scored well over 10 million streams across streaming platforms, ‘Solar Nights’ takes everything we loved from ‘Panorama Pacifico’ and polishes it to an ultra high sheen.

And in an age when rough and raw production is seen as an easy shorthand for authenticity, Tim’s love of über-smooth production has made him an unlikely iconoclast, “I had always been fascinated by how glossy people like Nile Rodgers made their music,” he reveals. “It always sounded like the musical equivalent of a fashion magazine’s cover. I’d been making more underground music for a while but really wanted to go in totally the other direction and instead create a really smooth, polished sound.”

That obsession with sonic fidelity shines through across every track on ‘Solar Nights’, and the years since his debut was released have been well spent perfecting his craft. “Even in just the last couple of years I’ve made some big changes in how I produce music. Compared to my debut, everything under the hood has changed here,” he explains. “Every day, with every production, I’m learning new things and when I listen to these new tracks, the depth in the mixes, the clarity, I like to think of ‘Solar Nights’ as Satin Jackets but in 3D.“

From wanting to recreate the sound of magazine covers to appearing on them, the past few years has been quite some journey for the still enigmatic producer. The man behind the golden mask may prefer to stay out of sight but ‘Solar Nights’ reveals him to be fully in control, producing music that reflects the glamour and glitz of 70s Manhattan, artfully updated for the 21st century.


  1. Welcome Back 
  2. Just Like You 
  3. Automatic (feat. Panama)
  4. Northern Lights (feat. David Harks) 
  5. String It Again
  6. Mirage 
  7. Shadow Of You (feat. David Harks) 
  8. Primordial (feat. Niya Wells) 
  9. Still Not Forgotten
  10. Take It From Me (feat. Emma Brammer) 
  11. Athena (feat. Anduze) 
  12. Don’t Go (feat. NTEIBINT) 
  13. All For You
  14. Through The Night (feat. David Harks)