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NTEIBINT & Matina Sous Peau return with ‘What You Need’

Posted on 06 Aug 2021

Having already delivered two sun-kissed collaborations, longstanding Eskimo DJ/producer George Bakalakos AKA NTEIBINT & fellow Athenian Matina Sous Peau return to the label with ‘What You Need’, another effortlessly light & breezy sounding disco-house number.

“‘What You Need’ is the kind of ballad that you can dance to on a sweet, warm summer night. It’s an echo of the disco sounds of the past, and Matina has the perfect voice for this kind of song, so producing this track and working with her again was a real labour of love,” says George.

The result is the kind of track that would sound perfectly at home both soundtracking a boat party in the Adriatic and livening up the daytime playlist on the radio. A vibrant, catchy number that ably combines a pop sensibility with on point club production and a surprisingly introspective theme.

“The song itself is actually about looking within,” explains Matina. “It’s about an inner search during which you discover yourself, and where everything that stands true for you is suddenly revealed in a flash”.

Having previously worked on together on the soulful ‘Love Is Everywhere’ and the classic disco of ‘Back to the Roots of Love’, ‘What You Need’ completes a stunning trilogy for the two Greek artists, exploring and updating the club sounds of the past, reshaping them into something fresh and modern.