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Swedish producer Paresse brings old school vibes on NTEIBINT remix!

Posted on 10 Mar 2022

For the second remix of NTEIBINT's new single, 'True', Eskimo Recordings have turned to Swedish producer Paresse who has delivered a track that cleaves close to the original but dials ups the atmospherics, eschewing the original’s thundering bass, allowing the chopped up 2-step drums to sail through clouds of vaporous synths.

“It was a pleasure to remix this groovy track by my labelmate NTEIBINT,” explains Paresse. “I loved the drums and chopped vocals on the original, so it was a pure joy to play around with all these elements and introduce some old school vibes.” 

The result is a kind of ambient breakbeat, relentlessly funky beats for the feet and a gorgeous mix of reverbed vocal snippets and gauzy pads to melt the mind and take you away.

(c) Viktor Flumé 2022