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Playful Norway disco by Cavego, on 'Dovregubben' EP

Posted on 10 Jun 2020
Cavego's EP 'Dovregubben' is out now!

A fast rising star within Norway's cosmic-disco scene, Bergen producer Even Hymer Gillebo aka Cavego returns to Eskimo Recordings with his 2nd EP, 'Dovregubben'. Featuring 4 tracks of shimmering, uplifting electronic music that can be enjoyed both at home and on the dancefloor, 'Dovregubben' revels in its playful sounds and shows exactly why the young Norwegian has already been tipped by the likes of BBC Radio 1, DJ Mag and Clash.

Where his critically acclaimed debut EP, 'Gudbrandsdalen', was inspired by the beautiful Norwegian landscape that he grew up in, 'Dovregubben' takes its cues from the region's culture with the EP's title itself a reference from Henrik Ibsen's famous work 'Peer Gynt'.

Opening with the track 'Rask Gange' Cavego quickly sets out his stall, a deep bubbling bass line, crystalline melodies and a driving disco beat perfectly captures the euphoria of speeding through the frozen landscape atop a snow-mobile, the sun rising above the horizon its rays catching and illuminating the snowflakes suspended in the air like a fragile, intimate, light show.

Named after a seductive Scandinavian forest spirit the EP's second track 'Huldra' adds soft diaphanous wordless chants to the mix capturing the golden haired creature's seductive cries to produce a truly magical, if eerie, song.

The EP's title track is up next and here Even has drawn inspiration from the titular Dovregubben ("the Dovre Giant"), the largest and at one time fastest locomotive in use in Norway. Built around a metronomic beat and looping synth arpeggios that echoes the feeling of speeding along the tracks through the wide open landscape between Oslo and Trondheim.

Finally to complete the EP we have the darkly euphoric 'Alfred (Og Vennene Hans)'. From a throbbing beatless intro, the track burst into life, pulsing with energy as Even harnesses the power of his enviable synth collection to dramatic effect, subtly adding further tones and textures as a looping guitar riff and percussive elements wind their way in and out of the mix.

Cavego - Dovregubben EP 

  1. Cavego - Rask Gange 
  2. Cavego - Huldra 
  3. Cavego - Dovregubben 
  4. Cavego - Alfred (Og Vennene Hans)