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When Poolside meets Satin Jackets... Daytime Disco x Nu Disco heaven!

Posted on 06 Oct 2022

Poolside's Jeffrey Paradise has rightly made a name for himself over the past decade producing the kind of blissed out downtempo disco that cocktails and sunsets were made for. Having recently seen Satin Jackets remix his own 'Losing Control' single to stunning effect, the Los Angeles producer returns the favour adding his distinctive warm touch to the sublime 'Spell'.

One of three songs on Satin Jacket's new album featuring up & coming British singer Tailor, Poolside rebuilds the track around the track's yearning vocals, looping and sending them echoing off into space accompanied by a bubbling synth bass line and etheric synth washes whilst a chugging 97bpm house beat keeps our feet anchored safely to the dance floor.    

“I loved working on this remix after being a fan of Satin Jackets for so long, especially his recent remix of my song ‘Losing Control," explains Paradise. "The original ‘Spell’ is a great track, so I wanted to honor it while still making it my own. I added some classic Poolside slow motion house music vibes to the entire thing, and also played with the structure a lot by making the original chorus the bridge and adding a new chorus of my own with a cut up vocal. Enjoy!”