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Satin Jackets and Panama reunite on 'Back To Me'

Posted on 01 Oct 2020
A modern synth-pop anthem in waiting

With two hugely successful collaborations already to their credit Tim Bernhardt AKA Satin Jackets and Australian star Panama reunite on 'Back To Me' and once again the pair have delivered another winning combination of dreamy synth-pop pads, crisp disco beats, polished chrome production and heartfelt vocals.

"After the last two singles I couldn't wait to hear what Tim would send me next," explains Panama. "When I first heard what would become 'Back To Me' I really got this feeling of returning to something important and wanted to write a song about finding yourself. It's like that feeling you get coming home after spending a long time away, just where the home part is really yourself."

A modern synth-pop anthem in waiting 'Back To Me' is surely the perfect soundtrack should you ever feel the need to roll up the sleeves of your pastel jacket and ride your motorcycle down a coastal highway, the setting sun reflecting in your mirrored Ray-Bans, a salt breeze ruffling your crystal tips.