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Satin Jackets & Tailor return with soulful pop gem, 'Spell'!

Posted on 23 Sep 2021

It's fair to say that Tim Bernhardt, aka Satin Jackets, has kept himself busy the last 18 months. Whilst much of the music industry's been locked down, the nu-disco star's released a series of acclaimed singles and forged several new connections. One of which, his partnership with up & coming UK vocalist Tailor is already paying dividends. Having hit the ground running with the single 'Relapse' this spring, the pair now return with the soulful pop gem, 'Spell'.

"Spell is about letting yourself deep dive into the unknown with someone," explains the British singer. "You don't know where you're both headed, but still you're willing to just surrender yourself to the journey and float off together into the unknown."

Blessed with one of those voices that you feel as much as hear, Tailor delivers a stunning performance on 'Spell', perfectly capturing the song's seductive, yearning vibe. At the same time Bernhardt produces one of his finest tracks in recent years allowing Tailor's vocals the space to breathe, burnishing them with seductive synths washes, subtle flourishes and a dreamy beat.

Having clocked up more than 60 million streams on Spotify alone for his 2019 album 'Solar Nights', Bernhardt has gone from strength to strength, releasing a string of singles and EPs throughout 2020 and '21 from classic instrumental nu-disco though to hit collaborations with the likes of Australian indie star Panama and new talent such as Tailor.