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Sounding better than ever: Satin Jackets - Girl, Forever!

Posted on 29 Mar 2022
CASSARA remix included, French Touch FTW

Whilst he's been busy writing and releasing new music over the past year German nu-disco star Tim Bernhardt, aka Satin Jackets, also found time to dig into the vaults to resurrect and remaster an early release, Girl Forever. Originally released back in 2011 this truly is vintage Satin Jackets, synth pads that sway like palm trees in a summer sea breeze, a haunting vocal sample, melodies as cool as a dip in any pool, and a disco beat to take you through the night, all now sounding better than ever.

Bringing the track right up to date Hamburg-based Italian-born producer CASSARA ups the tempo, and cuts loose with the addition of some tropical rhythms, Chic style guitar riffs, a French Touch bass line and some sparkling synths to really cover the track in a dusting of disco glitter.

"Girl, it’s been forever. It was time to bring back an old classic track from the early days of SJ," explains Bernhardt. "We remastered the original but also wanted to add something new to make the release shine once more. And who could be better to make this happen than having CASSARA remix it? When I heard it, it instantly filled me with joy, just knowing he did it once again like he had with “Never Enough” a few years back. The groove, the glam, the harmonies - it’s all unique to his style and just perfect bliss. Now, this one really is “forever”."

(c) 2022 Picture by Øystein Haara.