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Atella x Frøder - Closer To Life

Posted on 14 Oct 2016

Some producers meet in the DJ booths or dancefloors of seminal club nights, or at the counters of record stores fighting over the last copy of an in demand 12” or are even introduced to each other by other iconic artists - Atella's Magnus and Johannes met during a piggyback race. This unlikely if fortuitous scenario seems to sum up the Norwegian duo and their incredible sense of humour. There’s an impish sense of both fun and imagination to their work that matches frisky electronics to gently uplifting atmospheres. For their new cut, ‘Closer To Life’, Atella have joined forces with singer Frøder, recently cited by Nylon as one of Norway’s most promising new artists, to deliver a track that can stand proudly amongst the output of fellow Bergen natives Röyksopp or Lindstrøm (whom they have remixed).

Atella explain: “Closer To Life is the result of the good friendship we have with the amazing artist Frøder. The song is an atmospheric reflection of our world’s unstable and chaotic journey through the universe. Close To Life is the sequel (or prequel - who knows?!) to Closer To Life. A targeted journey through time and space, and the search for extraterrestrial and/or intelligent lifeforms - are we getting closer? We can feel it.”

Atella made their debut on Eskimo with ‘The Monster’ back in 2014, a track that featured in ‘Scream’ (the TV series spin off from the film trilogy) and was heavily supported by scores of DJs including the legendary Busy P. Their previous single ‘Mechanical Sparrow’ featured O. Martin on vocals (the musical ally of Aurora) and they’ve recently worked with or remixed the likes of Ary, Dagny and Bow To Each Other, who won the Norwegian Grammy Award for pop band of the year. Get ready for the Nordic invasion.