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Celebrating 10 years of You Man by revisiting their acclaimed debut EP!

Posted on 16 May 2024

First released back in 2013, You Man's debut EP Restless -and its lead track Birdcage- launched the career of French duo Tepat Huleux and Giac Di Falco, kickstarting a decade of stunning live shows played all around the globe and acclaimed releases and remixes on labels such as as Tronik Youth’s NEIN, Boston Bun’s Circa’99  and Eskimo Recordings. Now, to celebrate their first ten years in the game Huleux and Di Falco have revisited their debut EP, and this time they've brought along some of the many friends they've made over the past decade, from house legend Etienne de Crécy to pianist Des Jonquilles.

With its chugging 109 bpm beat and a melody that switches from throbbing minimalism to something tantalisingly close to a full-on Ibiza sunrise moment, the EP's lead track Birdcage has never strayed too far from discerning DJs record bags but across several remixes here we get to see it reinterpreted in thrilling new ways.

The aforementioned Etienne de Crécy should need no introduction and his whip smart remix of Birdcage, shows just why, taut French house at its finest. Elsewhere we see the track given a darker techno makeover courtesy of Duro Records Theus Mago, whilst fellow Mexican producer Rigopolar turns in a laid back remix that would definitely not sound out of place on some Balearic beach.

Taking things even further out there Parisian trio PPJ send Birdcage on a trip to Brazil's carnivals, vocalist Páula adding her own lyrics to the remix's freshly added and frenetic South American electro rhythms. Leaving thoughts of sunshine and the beach behind, sometime NEIN label-mates and fellow French duo Kimshies take Birdcage in a much darker direction, sparse electro beats and atmospheric washes of synths combine to create a shiver inducing John Carpenter-esque atmosphere.

Closer to home fellow Calais producer Numérobé takes things in a completely different direction, turning in a stuttering techno remix, that glitches and spins off in increasingly abstract and uncertain directions. Likewise longtime friend of Huleux and Di Falco, Samaran, also twists the original into a quirky new minimal shape, upping the tempo and letting the track spin off in unexpected directions.

Completing the remixes of BirdcageYou Man provide one of their own, an adaptation of their own live version of the track that turns up both the tempo and well, everything as they tweak the track's melody and those marimba-like synths pushing the track into full on euphoria. Of course once you're up you have to eventually come down, and a gentle descent is provided by Des Jonquilles, who provides a delicate, dream like cover version of Birdcage, transforming it into a sublime solo piano song.

There obviously was always more to the EP than just Birdcage, and the other tracks get a word in too. Parisian DJ Sara Zinger transforms Get The Funk into an ultra-tight, ultra-efficient techno workout, Molecule reworks Restless into an 8 minute burner, that constantly, thrillingly, threatens to spill over into chaos but adroitly walks the line and finally Poïka gives Confusion a hard-edged makeover, all staccato metallic stabs, menacing low end growls, pounding drums and chopped up samples before an unexpectedly funky bass line kicks the track into another gear.