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Curses reworks Transistorcake's Cocktail EP

Posted on 30 Oct 2020
Ready for the floor!

Released earlier this year Transistorcake's 'Cocktail EP' was a booze themed synth odyssey through a night from warm-up drinks to post-party melancholy, now the EP gets its own digestif in the form of 3 re-edits from NY Born, Berlin based DJ & producer Curses.

"There is such a strong element of improvisational chemistry in these songs, and I wanted to keep that hypnotic energy, and respect the live instrumentation," explains Curses. "Just by adding some subtle details and arrangement changes it really accentuates the warmth in the body, and gives these tracks some added heavy jelly when played on a louder system."

First to go into the tumbler is the ecstatic 'Cocktail Op. 2'. Where the original revelled in its intoxication, occasionally threatening to collapse in on itself, Curses puts an arm around it and gently steers the track away from the bar and back onto the dancefloor before things get too messy.

On 'Grenadine' meanwhile Curses makes a few changes to the ingredients placing more of an emphasis on the slow and steady beat and the electric bass, leaving the low slung acidic melody as more of a cherry garnish on top of the track.

Finally we put a pineapple slice and little umbrella on the EP with a new edit of 'Pina'. Once again the bass and drums are just given a touch more prominence in the mix and the synths rearranged to provide more of a structured build-up as they inexorably rise to a hazy conclusion.

One more for the road?