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Eskimo Recordings presents The Remixes!

Posted on 27 Nov 2022

For over twenty years now Belgium's Eskimo Recordings have discovered and nurtured some of the most loved names in dance music, releasing timeless albums from artists such as Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas, Satin Jackets and Aeroplane that have straddled the divide between electronica, Balearic house and leftfield pop. At the same time though the label has never lost sight of its roots in clubland, consistently tapping up the hottest names in the disco, house and techno to add their touch to each release and putting out groundbreaking compilations by the likes of Curses, Optimo, Psychemagik, Antal, Bill Brewster, The Glimmers and more.

'Eskimo Recordings presents The Remixes' then is a snapshot of the label's recent adventures in clubland, a 24 track tour of the underground that takes in everything from the gauzy breakbeats of Betonkust's remix of Transistorcake to the endless euphoria of Locked Groove's rework of Horixon & Robert Owens' Brighter Day and Chaim & Ozart's mesmerising take on Franz Matthews and Local Suicide's Tutan Jamon.

A globe-trotting compilation, 'Eskimo Recordings presents The Remixes' sums up the eclectic and unceasingly curious approach of the label and its selector-in-chief, Captain E. This is the sound of dark Berlin basements, festivals in Mexico City, boat parties in the Adriatic and rooftop parties in Tel Aviv, music that transcends time and place like Adam Port's remix of NTEIBINT that fuses together pulsing, staccato electronics with steel drums, or Red Axes' remix of Moscoman's Fernandez, a psychedelic trip through the Middle East's vibrant club scene.  

Featuring some of the biggest names in electronic music such as MoscomanEwan Pearson and Prins Thomas, the compilation also features two brand new exclusive tracks in the shape of the heavy, hypnotic groove of Turkish producer Dogu Civicik's remix of Rey & Kjavik's Akya and Carli (Off The Meds, Studio Barnhus) his transformation transformation of Blende's Do you Remember? into a relentlessly ravey electro number.

Over two decades on from the legendary parties at the Eskimo Fabriek in Ghent that gave the label its name, Eskimo Recordings' insatiable appetite for new electronic music remains unabated and the wild spirit and ambition to keep pushing boundaries, that first put the Belgium label on the map, still shines as bright as ever.


Chapter I - 30/09/2022

1. Freeform Five feat. Róisín Murphy - Leviathan (Tom Trago Remix) 
2. NTEIBINT & Stella - A State Nearby (Adam Port Calypso Remix)
3. Paresse - Temple (Simple Symmetry remix)
4. Michoacan - Disco Sucks So Good (Kasper Bjørke Version)
5. Trulz & Robin feat. Camilla Luna - Me To You (Sex Judas Remix)
6. Vinny Villbass feat. Ost - Lust For Wrong (Finnebassen Remix)

Chapter II - 14/10/2022 

7. Transistorcake - Future Plan I (Betonkust Remix)
8. Horixon feat. Robert Owens - Brighter Day (Locked Groove Remix)
9. SHMLSS - Train Ride To The Middle East (Marvin & Guy Remix)
10. Trulz & Robin feat. Ost - Find My Love (Moscoman's Still Looking Remix)
11. Moscoman - Fernandez (Red Axes Remix)
12. Eliezer & Rina - San Sebastian (Jenia Tarsol, Asaf Samuel and Uriah Klapter Remix)

Chapter III - 28/10/2022 

13. Made In Sane - Flying Circuits (Man Power Remix)
14. Rey & Kjavik - Akya (Dogu Civicik Remix)
15. Blamma! Blamma! feat. Kristina Train - Zsa Zsa (Eelke Kleijn’s After The After Remix)
16. Middle Sky Boom feat. Eliezer - Slow With The Run (Paresse Remix)
17. Radial Gaze - Totem Echoes (You Man Remix)
18. Aili x Transistorcake - Genki (Biesmans Remix)

Chapter IV - 11/11/2022 

19. Simon Says - Feel Me (Yuksek Extended Remix)
20. Franz Matthews & Local Suicide - Tutan Jamon (Chaim & Ozart Remix)
21. Freeform Five feat. Juldeh Camara - Weltareh (Prins Thomas Miks Del I - Vokal Versjon)
22. NTEIBINT feat. Stella - Hide In (Ewan Pearson Remix)
23. Horixon feat. Else Born - Every Turn (Joseph Ashworth Extended Remix)
24. Blende feat. Mickael Karkousse - Do You Remember? (Carli Remix)