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The Oddness returns with psychedelic disco EP

Posted on 25 Feb 2021

Following on from head-spinning remixes for Satin Jackets and Franz Matthews & Local Suicide, Melbourne based The Oddness returns to Eskimo Recordings with a new 3 track EP that showcases the Australian producer’s eclectic, psychedelic approach to club music.

With its hypnotic dub disco beat, swirling pipes and mantra like chants ‘Distant Voices’ is a tie-dyed cosmic number that would be the perfect track to kickstart any tropical rainforest rave. An invitation to a dancefloor initiation that keeps the tempo low and the strangeness dialled up.

Suitably warmed up it’s time for some real freaky dancing and ‘Twisted Diva’ is just the thing to get those limbs flailing in all sorts of strange directions. Over an irresistible beat, a multitude of different trance inducing sounds, melodies and snatches of vocals drift in and out of the mix before echoing off into infinity.

Rounding out the EP we have ‘Get It Together’, another dose of psychedelic, dub flavoured electronica. Originally featured on Eskimo’s recent compilation The White Collection, the chugging beat on ‘Get It Together’ provides the perfect backdrop for myriad sounds to rattle and reverb their way into the cosmic ether and close out the EP.