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Trulz & Robin - Me To You

Posted on 10 Nov 2014

Trulz & Robin are established Norwegian producers, promoters and purveyors of hypnotic, popinfused dance records. The duo have been regularly releasing music on Prins Thomas’ labels Full Pupp and Rett I Flett. For ‘Me To You’ Trulz & Robin teamed up with the fresh talent of Camilla Luna, whose seductive vocals add enigmatic loops and hooks to this late night acid track. They decided to send it to Eskimo. Instant love.

The remix comes from Sex Judas, a fellow Norwegian dance music personality from a well-known music duo. The result is a stripped back, shifting track that is layered with vocals and melodic crescendos. Combined the package is a fiery and bold manoeuvre, unveiling two tracks that are enduring and profound.

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